Besides Product Hunt, where else should I promote my new project? 🤔


Looking for new ideas to get users, receive feedback, and increase exposure! Besides PH, where else do you showcase your product?

Please advise 🙌

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  • We've also had the same question to be honest. And for launch we decided to go with Twitter as a primary medium and then Product Hunt as the other one. And I have to say that it led to some great results as Twitter allows you to be super active and engage in many conversations.

    Also, users are there and everything is super active. So that will be my advice - invest time in Twitter

  • If you are a SaaS product and are looking for early adopters, AppSumo seems to be a great place to list on. Most of the users there seem to be early-adopters. Life-time deals seem to be the norm there.

  • Thank you very much for all the people who are posting other alternatives! I will launch my free product design course in February and I will make a notion template with all this information! :)

  • Social Media (channels based on your target audience), and Slack channels